About DSI

Smart Homes in a Smart Era

A Security Company

We are a security company, who’s primary goal is to ensure yours and your families safety.

Forward Thinking

Time are changing and keep changing and we are commited to staying ahead of trends.

Working Harder

An alarm system shouldn’t be an outdate piece of equipment it should be a smart home system.

Customer Support

We promiseto try everything in our power to make sure that we help you with any of our products!

Our Story

Started in 1997 DSI has always had one goal making families feel safe at an affordable cost. We know the industry, and constantly see major companies with inflated prices and lack of features. So we decided to find ways to not only make you feel safe but do it with features that all your friends will want.

The Team

Paul Delaune

Founder / CEO

With over 35 years of experience on his hands there is not mouch paul has not seen or touched in the security business and he is passionate about doing things professionally no matter the customer.

Trevon Delaune

Senior Lead Technician

Always working hard, Trevon is someone that the staff at DSI has come to be able to rely on. With a get it done attitude, Trevon strives for the same perfection taught to him by Paul our founder.

Daniel Velez

Technology Officer

Daniel got a jumpstart on his career early on when he served 10 years in the US Army as a IT Information Management Officer. Coming to DSI with close to 20 year of IT experience his goal is to keep the company ahead of the game!